Adrenalin - (SET OF 4) 17x8
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Adrenalin - (SET OF 4) 17x8

Price: $595.00
  • Item #: AD178NS-BMWE90
  • Manufacturer: Scarallo ROH
  • Condition: New
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Adrenalin - Bright Silver

  • Style: Adrenalin
  • Color: Bright Metallic Silver
  • Front Wheel Size: 17x8
  • Rear Wheel Size: 17x8
  • Front Offset: 30-35
  • Rear Offset: 30-35
  • Bolt Pattern: 5x120

Scarallo - ROH Wheels will raise your Adrenalin with a rotate-able wheel combination for your car.

The Adrenalin finished in Bright Metallic Silver has extended spokes to the very edge and a curved spoke profile that helps these wheels have a very large look. Deep lips between the long spokes which go straight to the edge give you the best of both worlds in wheel styling; deep lips and long spokes. Spokes extended to the very edge help this wheel look its bigger then it really is. A deep lip between the spokes gives the Adrenalin great 3D dimension.

Bright Metallic Silver, is a specifically formulated silver with a very high, but fine metallic flake content. This silver catches the sunlight and reflects it back resulting in an extremely bright and lustrous finish.

Made from A356 alloy and heat treated to T6 spec. These aircraft grade wheels are the strongest wheels on the market today. Form Follows Function, and with its uniquely shaped spokes the Adrenalin is an excellent choice to have showing off those huge brake caliper upgrades. The Adrenalin gives that Striking European Look.

Ask a sales associate about the Scarallo Motorsport Wheels LIPSTICK-LINE.  Putting the CUSTOM back in custom wheels. Custom colors, color coating and polishing. With the LIPSTICK-LINE you can order your wheels in any specific custom color or finish you want. We can even color your wheels to the exact color of your car.

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