Atturo is one of the world’s newest ultra high performance brands. The Atturo brand was developed to create a premium quality, yet affordable performance tire. Atturo brings true performance within reach of the consumer. As a company, Atturo is committed to producing REAL tires at affordable prices. So, what is a REAL tire? It is a product which is engineered, tested and stood behind by the brand.

Atturo is in your price range without sacrificing the quality demanded by the performance tire buyer. Atturo tires are manufactured in Taiwan to the highest global standards. Atturo is focused on developing the sizes demanded of a niche market for specialty and staggered fitments. Only the finest materials with state of the art manufacturing go into an Atturo. The very first of the line is the Az800 for cross over, SUV and sport truck fitments. More sizes and models will follow soon – all fulfilling the Atturo promise of Performance Within Reach!